kr 2 900,00 Vanlig pris
kr 2 320,00Salgspris

onsdager 12:00-13:15    15. januar-29.april   


Kurset for deg som har spesielle hensyn å ta og som kan ha godt av en terapeutisk, mild time. Kurset holdes av Masha Stoic og holdes på engelsk:


In theraphy yoga class we will focus on gentle movements that will support our body in gaining back the strenght and flexibility in a soft way.


Also we will use gentle streches to open up the muscles that have been tight or unused.


We will use blocks, bolsters and blankets to support our body and make it comfortable and easy going.


Class is open to everyone. For seniors who want to maintain their body or if you are healing from injury or operation, or just need soft and gentle practice during daytime