getting ready to bloom

kr 350,00Pris

søndag 29. mars



Warm welcome to another Yin yoga with Massage workshop with Madeleine and Masha
To support the blooming period around us, we will now focus on opening our chest area, opening to our Heart wisdom, following deep intuition rooted in our Hearts. Positions will be focused more on upper body and we will incorporate more pelvic movements in between positions to help restore connection between


pelvis - seat of sexual energy
chest - seat of heart energy


Two of the most significant centers in our body to function in balance, so we can radiate energy and feel relaxed, safe, taken cared off, and to be able to be creative, to be ready to bloom effortlessly.
We wish you warm welcome to supportive practices of Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and accompanied Massage that are in alignment with the theme of opening the Heart. Intention is to rest and recharge, and to stimulate the body with gentle streches and breath, followed by touch and assist

Our body goes through same cycles as nature around us. Elements/energies of nature reflect in our bodies too through meridians, energetic pathways, and acupressure points  in us


winter // water 

spring // wood

summer // fire 

late summer // earth and

autumn // methal


Thus our muscles, tissue and meridians can be stimulated and supported through movement, stretches and touch


Madeleine will lead the yin practice while Masha will give support through touch
Limited spaces